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This Home Page is presented in order to give living descendants the genealogical resources for the family of Johann Jacob (Holbe) Holben. From this, it is hoped that individual family members will construct their own branch in more personal detail. As additional descendants are found or new basic information is found, please forward it to me at eholben@holben.com for inclusion in this genealogy.

The majority of this genealogy is the result of my own research. The most significant early researchers from whom I obtained valuable information were Antone Holben of Kent City, MI and Eva Holben McCall of Ohio. Antone and Eva are now deceased. Conwell Holben of Lansing, MI provided much information about the Holben's in Michigan. William Kunsman, formally from Allentown, PA, has done a lot of work documenting the early Holben's in Pennsylvania. The Honorable Jack Holmes of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada has provided information about the "English Branch" of Holben's who came into upper New York State and the Midwest from England.

In recent years, I have collaborated closely with James M. Holben of Allentown, PA and Robert Holby of Spartansburg, PA. James Holben is a descendant of Silvester Balthasar Holbe and Robert Holby is a descendant of William Holby, son of Johannes Holbe and the step-son of Silvester. Also, William Holwick of Clearwater, FL has provided a great deal of information about the Holwick branch of this family. Richard E. Holben now residing in Green Valley, Arizona and author of "Gleanings" has been an invaluable source of information and an advisor. Richard is a descendant of Johann Jacob Holbe and a grandson of Twide Holben.

There have been many other contributors to this family history to whom I am greatly indebted. They are too numerous to mention but no less appreciated. Barbara and R. Craig Koedel of Pittsburgh, PA were my earliest mentors. As I started out on this path, they gave me the tools and encouragement to keep going. To them I am especially indebted.

I have tried to verify every piece of data. Where there has been a difference, I have used the piece that is most consistent and logical based on data already recorded and/or verified. Where there has been information that is inconsistent or not reasonable, I have not recorded anything. The user of this genealogy should be aware of this caveat.

I sincerely hope that you will get as much enjoyment searching this tree as I have had in recording it.

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